Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Socialist Way: All roads lead to Rome

The Socialist Way: All roads lead to Rome: "“Democracy is the road to socialism.” Karl Marx Following this and other blogs daily, and reading of the many dreadful, frightening a..."


  1. Hey, don't mean to spam your blog, but saw an update on your FB. Are you having the same problem as me with the mobile site? I can't go to any page from the home. Everytime I click a link it just reloads the homepage. So can't comment or do anything. Been like that for 3 days now. What email address at FB are you contacting?

    Nice blog btw x

  2. hi selina, good to hear from you, its no problem, i am having exactly the same problem, they are rubbish at responding though, i contacted their help centre through the main facebook site mobile help, a special report a bug form for people using screen readers i'll find you the link if you like . think i got your email somewhere.

  3. I have about 3 email addys for you! I've found the form and sent it off. God knows what they have done with the thing. I can generally live without FB, but I use a group on there for my uni course and I need to access a couple of links posted in the group. Let's hope they fix it soon!