Friday, 11 February 2011

Egypt prove people power can work

So tonight we are witnessing a historic moment in Egypt with their president, dictator in many ways Hosny Mubarak has finally after 18 days of relentless and truely inspirational protests on the streets of Egypt and Cairo has finally resigned.

Joyous scenes on the streets of Egypt as this tyrant has finally been ousted.

I have to say the protesters who stayed on the streets day after day, night after night were truely inspirational.

The people of egypt have demonstrated to the world that people power is back and the middle east is trembling now of what happens next. The evil dictators in the region from Syria to Yemen and even Algeria will be panicing tonight wondering where will the next uprising happen. I feel for the Egyptian people. They have claimed their country back, back from the ruling party at the top.

For world leaders this is unsettling and unstable times and they will not like this. They will be fearful of who steps in next. Of course taht rightly so wil be down to the Egyptian people. They should decide wahth appens next. Let the people choose they have won this battle and should be rewarded with deciding their future.

I do hope democracy spreads now and the country is rebuilt in terms of a fair equal society. There is a opputunity now for real socialism to make its way into Egyptian minds. It is their choice now which route they take.

But today belongs to Egypt and its people who have found their voice and their freedom as a result. This just goes to show what can be achieved given persistancy and real people power and collective force.

Tonight iraise a glass to you Egyptians out there

here is fora happier safer and fairer Egypt.

VIVA la revolution !

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