Friday, 11 February 2011

what are we replacing celebrity culture with ?

so in this day and age you cant open up a national tabloid paper or a magazine without seeing your latest favourite celeb as they put it. What have we dessended into really i mean. Is this what old age religion has evolved into ? i dont mean to offend anyone with that phrase at all but let me explain.

Is the invention of a celebritiy culture something of which the capitalist culture around the world and especially the west has created to fund various multi- nationals. The amount of money that is made off the backs of these so called celebrities is amazing. But i do think there is a big downside and a obvios exploitation here which i wantto identify.

With young girls for example young models in these magazines and papers will show off a almost perfect body and look. For any young girl it is hard to match this and as a consequence it will take a exploitation of a young girl to make herself into something resembling this model.

I do think celebrities these days have a huge influence on our younger generation and this can be counter productive in so many ways. In this day and age childrens role models are not what they once were sadly. Take for example Katie price aka Jordan. Is this a real role model we want our young girls to aspire to ?

She may have made a lot of money from her career of nothingness but what lesson about life has she taught our younger generation ?

If i stated that this so called celebrity culture was something that the capitailists may have created no one will take me seriously. But when you look into it the ways the whole culture works. purely to promote a product of the moment or a service of its time.

Yes, you may argue that celebrities do a lot of good charity work for example as a counter arguement, this is treu and we applaud them for this but what is the other side of this ?

well no so called celebrity does anything for nothing as we well know. The only people who do are not celebrities and are truely doing something for the good of others. This is never the case with a so called celebrity. If they are doing something for charity they will want a photo opputunity or a write up in a national newspaper for their troubles.

What does this mean ? ultimatly nothing but when you look deeper you see that it all comes back to money capital for want of a better word. The whole idea of this is not for other peoples benifit, it is for their own benifit and always has been sadly.

Talking politically there have been a number of celebrities entering the political class Glenda Jackson, Arnold shrawnzeneger more famously in America. I believe this celebrity culture is taking over politics now. take for example big major political issues celebrities are takign a opinion on things. Your getting Colin firth joining the lib dems for example. All making the political system as it is even more of a farce than it already is in my opinion.

The next thing we will have is a well known tv/ newspaper driven celebrity leading our country. I do think it will happen if this culture carries on growing. With the likes of the x-factor gaining audiences and voting numbers of 18 millin plus it wont have to take much for Simon cowell for example to jump into this arena and get someone elected on his behalf.Call me crazy but the power of this culture is huge. Just think what it could do if if got involved in politics.Scarey isnt it and so is the culture itself. It never knows where to draw the line and that is its greatest danger.

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