Tuesday, 1 February 2011

over Producttion and waste in a capitalist society

In a capitalist society in which we live under in this country and the western world production and profit is everything. I have been doing some reading on production in a capitalist society and how in its attempts to strive for profit it can over produce and end up with a lot of waste.

As we know the more there is of a product or a service the price of that commodity will come down so i find it personally very sad in countries like America for example when growing wheat the capitalists will often over produce and end up with a surplus of a product. But a clever trick they use which can bring down the price of wheat for example if they have produced too much and bringing the price down on the market they are not happy with this so they will burn the wheat off or dump it in the sea to bring the stock value of the wheat down which as a result will increase the price of wheat as there is naturally less of it now. I say naturally this is not natural at all and is very wrong. To maintain their high profits the capitalists falsley inflate the prices of a product.

This can also be exampled in the sandwich making market where too many sandwichs are made to have a surplus in the hope to sell as many as possible, this is greed in my eyes i'm not sure about you. But instead of allowing taht surplus to go to the poor or the homeless or in the example of the wheat send it to poorer nations who are starving they will instead destroy it. Very selfish indeed but these are some of the lengths this class of society will go to create a profit for itself and a supposed better life for its class. Not for all though i might point out.

In a socialist society the surplus of a product or service produced as there will still be some, Possibly not as much as the capitalists produce but certainly some and that surplus be it skilled or unskilled production will be reinvested into the state and for the benifit of the people. That there in lies the main difference between capitailism and socialism, what happens with the surplus money or produce. The socialists will spread the surplus back amoungst the rest of society equally and not hoard it by the few at the very top of society holding all the power.

So i personally feel that the capitailist ways of doing things and spreading wealth is just not fair and we need to keep up the struggle to address these unfairness's in society for the benifit of all.

As for production i think thata ny surplus produce or service made should be spread to those who need it. It will make no differnce to the price of goods to the western world as most of the 3rd world are not allowed to trade with us anyway. Which is another topic for me to look at another time. Free trade and how parts of the world are excluded from ever making anything of their country and developing as are being held back by the powerhouses of the west so they can exploit them.

Just a few thoughts from the discussion i was at last night where we were discussing marxist economics and how marx saw the capitalist terms of production.

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