Sunday, 6 February 2011

How over packaged goods are runing our environment

As we all know in this country and many developed nations around the world the issue of waste and recycling is a huge issue one that governments after governments have failed to really address.

It saddens me when what you buy at the supermarket has huge amounts of excess packaging and a lot of plastic in use too. I think to myself our poor planet is going to have to absorb all this at some point and waht good will that be doing to our planet ?

I do care for our environment and i try to buy items that have as less packaging on them as possible to minimise the impact of my consumption. But reality tells me i'm having no impact at all due to the habbits of the erest of society and the world.

I talked about on twitter a few weeks back about the possiblity of one day getting my own allotment to grow vegetables and produce for myself and others in my local area. I feel that with the land we have in this country we could be doing a hell of a lot more with it. Too often greedy rich farmers are leaving acres of land set aside and recieving grants and money for doing this. If farmers in this country focused more on producing more for the nation rather than their own back pockets we may not need to import quite so much from abroad. Growing our own produce will not only help our own economy with things we can sell to other countries that only we can grow for example our own british straweberries are world famous for their sweetness. But my other point is that our own produce can be sold at farmers markets or farm shops for example with minimal packaging and resulting in less waste. We need to get back to the days where we grew a lot more. During the second world war there was a phrase dig for britain. As the trade routes were mainly blocked by war ships and mines we couldnt import everything we needed from the continent so we had to relly on growing our own. There was a big up surge in people growing their own foods.
Now i'm not suggesting we need another world war to get us back to those ways where we produce more for ourselves but i do think its about time we stopped rellying on importing items so much which more often than not come in a over packaged form.

Growing from our own ground will be good for our own environment and positive for all who get to expereince home grown produce for a change.

Of course we will have to be careful to not over produce and leading to a surplus but even if we did in my vision for a socialist society the surplus would be feed back either to the ground to grow more or spread out equally to all of the people. Not what would happen in a capitalist society where any surplus is turned into extra profit for only those at the very top.

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