Friday, 11 February 2011

how the big society is undermining existing volunteers and charities

As i blogged abaout earlier in this week leading charities have come out in anger at David Camerons "big society" idea. They feel that the big society will not work due to lack of funding.

I just wanted to add more meat to the bone really.

i know a few friends who volunteer. One especially one volunteers at a homeless charity in London. Crisis. They do some excellent work on and off the streets. For David Cameron to come in and announce we all must be doing more voluntary work is a bit insulting to these very hard workers who give up their time to help those not as fortunate as others. Which in itself is wrong. But i'll tackle that in anothetr post another time.

Butfor a prime minister who has never volunteered in his life i would imagine to startto preach to us we should be doing more for less while he takes away a lot of funding for charitable sectors is downright insulting i'd have thought.

Our charities and voluntary organisations in this country do some amazing work. Helping vunrable people back on to their feet with support and aid.

We have some great things in this country so i feel that David cameron should look at what we already have and look to preserve our great organisations who do very good things in the face of some tough conditions sometimes.

I think tories such as cameron should pay more tribute to these excellent charities and volunteers across our great country. They do a excellent job and give up their time for nothing to help people improve their life in many ways.

The big society to me is a big con. Someone on twitter earlier in the week we should focus more on building the good society. Well waht do all these terms really mean? they are just soundbytes and catchphrases that political types use to make them sound like they are doing some good for society as a whole and not just for their own political class.

Some perspective is needed on this whole big society rubbish really. what does it mean and how is it better than our voluntary sector we have at the moment, as i dont think it is. Its all political jargon that means nothing to the everyday person on the streets.

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