Sunday, 19 December 2010

Are MP's and polititians more out of touch more than ever ?

I blogged some time ago regarding how polititians these days resemble more career and professional MP's with few standing for any real cause. Well i would love to add more to that theory.

With times getting harder and harder for the ordinary person on the streets. More and more people loosing jobs and finding things getting more expensive. I really dont think most polititians really have a clue waht life is like outside of their cosy Westminister village.

How many real ordinary working people in parliament ? most of the MP's in the commons have had a good education and come from affluent backgrounds and are somewhat out of touch with real life.

Even the Labour party of which i am a member of seem to have lost their way. The big reason they lost so many votes in recent elections i feel was down to them loosing trust with the working class vote.

Who can blame them really the last labour government seemed more interested in bailing out the banks, which i accept seemed a nessesary evil sadly in the end than reconnecting with its core support.

The middle england vote appeared to stick with labour in the 2010 general election but we lost millions of votes to our core support.

With the tories living in a bubble and having more millionaires in the cabinet than not how can we expect polititians to understand our concerns. Quite frankly most dont.

So i really do think there needs to be a big over haul of our people who make decisions in this country. With the house of lords being undemocractic in my eyes with no one in there being elected instead nominated for a life time peerage i really feel the whole political system needs looking at and seeing where we can improve thingst o get the everyday person on the streets voice heard.

As we have seen over recent weeks protests and demonstrations have taken place even back in the early part of this decade protests against th invasion of Iraq by up to a million in central london seems to have done little to prevent governemnt carrying out their wishes anyway.

When will we be fully represented by the people who make these decisions, instead of representing themselves when will they realise the voters and the general public at large matter more and their voices should never be ignored for personal political gain.

I think with this growing movement which relies on no polititian and is student lead with help from the unions will become a increasing force over the next year. Is the time now coming for a new political party/movement for the workers and the working class in this country as many feel especially Labour their true identity has been clouded by political power.

I really think labour should try and get back to its root as a workers party representing workers rights and defending the poor and vunrable this is what made them who they were but is sadly not waht they are any longer. They are lacking a clear direction and motivation about who they really represent and stand for.

This could be very risky with a government with the media heavily on its side afraid to upset the apple cart in fear of cuts to themselves are rushing through this ideaological push of cuts cuts and more cuts.

This is not waht the country voted in and it is not what the country should be getting. It is iresponsible and unfair on many who will be suffering as a result of these cuts. Even Labours cuts could not have garunteed to have been fair to all they couldnt even garuntee to ring fence the NHS out of cuts. For a party who created the NHS just after the war to not stand by a great organisation by the NHS when a lot of people across the country rely on it is not a very clever move. Moves like this which resulted in a backlash at the ballot box for labour, something they must turn around and soon.

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