Monday, 20 December 2010

Vince cable under pressure ?

Not a paper i read much but over recent times ahve presented us with some interesting leaks and revelations.

the latest one is our good friend VInce cable of the lib dems the business secretary stating if he gets pushed too far with policies in government he can quit and bring down the government.

in this article here

it outlines what vince thinks about some of his tory coalition friends and some of the strains that are starting to appear there in the coalition.

As i have said many times before i think this is a wak government with lots of weak pointsa nd fault lines are easily defeated i think.

If Vince seriously thinks he can bring down the governemnt he is sorely mistaken, it will take more than a loose cannon in the lib dems to take down this governemnt sadly
Although weak they are strong in the upper reaches of this gov the likes of cameron, clegg and danny alexander are all very close.

But what i'm wondering is how far is too far for Vince cable, is turning the lib dems blue and turning them into supporting the tories and backing their ri ght wing cuts agenda not far enough i do wonder waht will be .....

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