Monday, 13 December 2010

Supporting the save EMA campaign

So as another broken promise comes from this coalition government the plan to totally scrap the education maintance allowance when before the election the tories catagorically said we have looked at EMA and can confirm we will be keeping this. Well today the 13th of December it would appear they are doing the complete opposite.

EMA is a key lump of money that is paid to students who attend school/college regularly. It can be as much as £30 a week and to a lot of families and students this is a lot of money. It can cover travel costs, school equipment including sports kit and books and stationary. Taking this away is just another attack on the people who need the money the most. When working class families are struggling enough as it is the decision to remove this benifit to young people is another bad decision i feel.

So today i and this blog will be pledging our support to the Save EMA march's today going on in london. For once Ed miliband has backed this campaign, maybe it is a cut he would nnot have made so can support this campaign, bit cynical i know but after he condemned the student protests last week i sometimes wonder who's side is he really on. If he wants to attract disaffected lib dem voters I.E students you dont condem their efforts to protest

I also hear Ken Livingstone labour mayoral candidate will be backing this campaign too. I hope as many people get behind this and fight to keep this vital bit of money that enables kids and families to live a bit easier.

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