Saturday, 18 December 2010

Pay day in the UK calling on all tax dodgers

So as the UK currently sits under a blanket of snow and ice those brave hearty soles at UK Uncut and many others have joined together for a day of action closing down and protesting outiside many private companies who their owners illegally dodge tax. These shops include the likes of Top Shop which is owned by Phillip Green of Arcadia. Phillip green is one of the worst offenders going a cabinet minister filthy rich and avoids tax like it is the plague. Well i for one am glad people are showing this guy up. Of course an inconvenience to the public on one of the busiest shopping days of the year but would be a much greater inconvenience if these shoppers lost their jobs due to public spending cuts and job loss's to cover the fact people like Phillip green are not paying their tax's meaning the government go after the ordinary working person on the street instead.

It is a disgrace and i would just like to add my support for these people making a stand today for the good ofa ll of us on a very cold day.

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