Friday, 24 December 2010

wishing you all a very merry christmas but not forgetting those who we must not forget

So the first christmas for this blog comes up and i'm glad to all bring you a christmas blog post. I wish you all very merry christmas and a happy new year of course. But as this blog has brung you throughout this year is realisation. Reality is waht keeps us grounded and this blog is no different.

I want us all to think all who read this blog when your tucking into your nice turkey the people who helped christmas be that way for you. Lets not forget the workers who work tireless shifts to get the food on your table for christmas day.

Christmas is a good point for reflection. Lets not forget our brave soldiers out in Afganistan fighting for us but also lets not forget the other side the poor innocent civilians who dont deserve to be caught up in all this evil war.

So lets hope and pray for a peaceful 2011 with no more illegal wars against nations who are far more poor than we are in this country.

Following that last line we must not simply must not forget our poor and vunrable in this country. We are a modern democracy apparently and are not in the third world so lets not act like one. Lets try harder to look after our poor, weak, vunrable, disabled and elderly next year.

We all know David cameron doesnt give a toss about this part of society despite his pledge to protect the vunrable that was the first promise the slimey tory toff broke. So if the tories and the spineless lib dems wont help protect this part of society lets us do it. Be taht labour who really need to get their act together next year or the broader public at large.

I for one am worried going into next year with DLA under fire and otehr disabled people being treated terribly by this awful government of ours. Lets hope they carry on taking a hit in the polls and in the papers with such papers like teh Daily Telegraph showing them up to have bigger cracks than they will let on.

If we are to bring down this right wing tory lead government we must aim at the heart. The destructiveness and the unfairness that is going on in front of our very eyes. We must expose them for who they really are.

I see next year the left, the true left not the new labour left as they like to portray themselves as falsely left wing which annoys me will fight back and be proved right i feel. Big prediction i know but i think the public will start to turn against this governemnt month by month.

Every government as we well know has a honeymoon period. Well this governments is well over now with students very very angry protesting on our streets and the trades unions starting to wake up to waht is going on out there 2011 will be the year the working class fight back i feel.

How the coalition deal with this will be interesting and will set the stall out for how they carry on or not for the rest of their parliament.

So i wish you all a very merry christmas and please not forget those who are in need this tiem of year be they homeless, old, vunrable, poor, disabled or in trouble in any way. Also lets not forget those thousands loosing thier jobs this christmas who will not be having a very merry christmas. Thoughts go out to you all in these tough tough times.

But lets be comforted in the fact the fight back has begun. If labour could get their act together we'd have a tougher case to throw at the capitalist class but we shall see what happens there.

Untill then have a merry christmas.

If any news stories out of the ordinary pop up i may blog them too if not expecta new year blog very soon

All the best

Mark x

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