Sunday, 12 December 2010

Are we really all in this together ?

As George Osbournes now famous line we are all in this together gets heard almost on a daily basis now in my tweets on twitter and various social media outlets i just think we should not let the public at large forget that this is a complete lie.

We are not all in this together at all. The poor are disproportionatly paying more for the bankers mistakes and the huge debt we have run up. It is not fair to say we are all in this together when a certain section of society is clearly being forced not becuase they want to to pay for this mess. After it was our money that was used to bail these retchid banks out in the first place we continue to hear of the poor being asked to take pay cuts, redundancies, VAT hikes, benifits being taken away and merged.
I just still think that line will be one of the lines in history that will show the tories up to have been out of touch during a time of hardship throughout the western world.
If we area ll in this together why are the bankers and the rich not paying more tax's to help the less well off avoid the brunt of these cuts. So for example if big business's like Vodafone who still owe our country 6 billin pounds of tax would just be foreced to pay up the 6 billion taken out of the welfare state earlier this year would never have had to happen.

But are we all in this mess together ? no we dam well are not. Untill this class war is ended and the attack on the less well off is heard to the mainstream media and everyone gets to hear of the real ideaological reasons behind these cuts the arguement about cuts will not ahve been won. We must fight and campaign to keep the welfare state one of the greatest things about this country in its present state.

If the NHS is taken on to privatise it or cut it back majorly then the student protests seen over the last few weeks in london will be sure to be repeated.

I fear we are in for a rough couple of years now under this tory lead coalition so lets buckle up and be ready to fightback when they say cutback.

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