Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Why we must fight to protect the open university

Well today we hear a whopping 89 million pounds will be cut from the Open university budget from next year by the government.

This is another blow to part time students who people like Lenny Henry who have gained excellent English degrees out of the institutain.
I feel disapointed by this decision as i myself was planning to start a social sciences course with the OU in January. I do still hope i can fullfill this. It is a disgrace that this funding is being cut. It just shows that the tories and it is the tories doing this, a ideaology i say are slowly picking away at any opputunities the less well off have in life in this country. By removing such a huge chunck from the cudget will have a major impact on a organisation that were struggling in the first place. This will mean many even thousands of students per year will miss out on a top education be it part time or full time with the Open uni.

The open university which was originally set up by Labour to help part time students gain degrees and further their education has been an excellent organisation for years and years. This seriously puts the organisation in danger i fear. The interesting question will be is will foreign students who take courses with them from abroad will have to increase to make up teh short fall. Interesting times lay ahead and this is another wreckless decision the government is making that will have a direct impact on me. I would never vote tory and these decisions in the last few days have confirmed this. They are killing off aspiration in this country and it will be hard to ever retrieve.

So i will join any cause to help protect the open university and lobby the government to get this over turned in any way we can. On top of the university tuitian fees decision i hope this story does not go under the carpet as it is very important. Alot of intelligent people pass through the open university year in year out and end up contributing massively to the country and its economy. DO the condems realise waht they are doing when they cut so savagely into these organisations budgets.

somehow i dont think they do....

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