Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Reforming the house of lords

This has been a bug bear of mine for a while. I am leaning against the whole idea of a house of unelected lords who seem to enjoy a very cushty life. Yes i have used a only fools and horses word in my blog for the first time, get in lol. but seriously i am very disillusioned with the role the house of lords plays in todays law making and politics as a whole.
The representivies in that particular house are all unelected which i personally think is a disgrace. Peers can be nominated by their political party so no doubt the government of that time will have a greater say of who goes in for them and naturally there will be more from their side than the opposition. So my first question to you is how democractically fair are they ? If the government get a majority of their peers into the lords and knowing waht decisions the lords pass each session i am not sure this is the fairest idea.

I think major reform is needed for the house of lords. Particularly in the way we elect them and what their actual role is in politics in this day and age.
We rarely find out who the members of the lords are as theya re mostly not that well known. I find this a bit worrrying that the second most powerful group of people in this country are not well known.

I think the whole process of who gets elected to this house and their role in government needs to be examined. For the esense of fairness at least. I know they are a old and traditional group of people but should we not look at them and their role in todays world ?

I myself as a young voter and a young political person find it hard to understand their role and why government couldnt get on better without them ? maybe i'm just nieve on the role of the lords but i am yet to be convinced they are a democractic force to e reckoned with. Maybe if we knew more about them and what they really stood for we would understand them better.

But i do think reform is needed and a proper debate is there to be had on their role in todays world.

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