Saturday, 25 December 2010

why i dont feel Tony Blair should have a statue of himself in the houses of parliament

After reading this article here from the good old daily fail i cant help agreeing with them
A labour MP is suggesting Tony blair gets his own statue in the houses of parliament. Alongside Margret Tatcher and Winston Churchill. I cant disagree more maybe Tony blair was a good prime minister and did some good. won 3 straight elections but really ? his legacey will go down in history for being the PM who lead us into a contravertail war in Iraq and Afganistan. Which before these wars had millions of protesters out on the streets up in arms about the invasion of these two countries.

His still impending court case at the iraq inquirey which i do hear he will be recalled next year for further questioning still leaves the jury very much out for me whether he was a good prime minister.

The guy who removed clause 4 from the Labour party constitution and really invented new labour and sold it to the mass's turning labour away from its core base of support.

I think he and the party lost a lot of support then and it still hasnt really recovered i feel. Labour used to be kwnon as the working class party for the people, Since new labour and Tony Blair i really dont think people see the party really representing them truely anymore.

New labour has produced a lot of career polititians who seem more interested in furthering their own career rather than making a real difference in parliament.

So i can think of many reasons as to why Tony Blair shouldnt be getting a statue of himself just yet in the houses of parliament. Also statues are not normally made of you when your still a live. It would be wrong to do this twice was already bad enough to have one of Margret Tatcher.

Interestingly most Labour people who want to see a statue of Tony blair are new labour types who still believe his way was right and his legacey should be continued. These are the people living in the past we really need to move on from all that as the country has well and truely rejected new labourand what it stood for in the end. The sleaze, the lies and the broken promises on many things also not forgetting the expenses scandels which started under New labours rule will not have helped matters.

It will be interesting to see what happens if there is a statue made or not but i'm not convinced it would be right.

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