Thursday, 30 December 2010

new podcast project for this blog contributions welcome

So i've been toying with this idea for some time now and it wont be easy for me i'm sure but i'm hoping to start my own podcast in the new year. This may take me a while to set it all up.

I am looking for ideas on a name. features and guests. I've already had lots of applicants from my twitter feed at
please do feel free to drop me a email or tweet or facebook me if yuo wish to come onbaord.

The basic frame work will be a light hearted general discussion of political/current affairs with a lot of news and general chat about the world mixed in. I am hoping to be ablet o play some music on it too if i can work out copyright issues. I will need to look into that more but once i have a few who might like to help me i will give it ago.

I have a few people already who have been kind enough to point me in the right direction of a few good programs i should use for this.

This will be a challenge for me being blind but i'm determined to give it a real go.

As some of you may or may not know i have been training over at East Herts hospital radio for the last month or so now and would love to put my broadcasting skills to the test.

All interviews and chats i do for the podcast will be carried out over skype if that's ok for people unless we find a better way of carrying these out.

So just to put the idea out there to all. Anyone at all can contribute, you can even just come on for a laugh and a bit of banter. we take all sorts so dont worry if you havent done such a thing before. We dont bite.

Look forward to combining this blog and this new podcast into the next step in my attempt to get my message and name out there a bit more and make some more connections with people. Who know where it may lead.

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