Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy new year and lets keep this movement going

So as 2010 draws to a close tonight i reflect on what has been a big year for me and for the world. We now have a coalition governemnt tory lead with liberal democrats in toe for the first time in a good while. Getting to work on slashing the deficit and cutting like there is no tommorrow.

2010 will be reemembered for the year the young population and students more so finally woke up and bravely began the fightback against these harsh savage cuts. The students have started the ball rolling so to speak with protests on the streets. Now it is up to the rest of us trades unions included to ramp up the pressure on the governemnt to back down on these unessesary cuts.

As the phrase goes when they say cutback ... we say .... fightback.

I think that will be one of the major themes for next year lots of strike action being called from public sector workers who will face growing pressure to relieve people from their jobs to save money.

Next year will be the big royal wedding as it is being billed between Prince William and Kate Middleton this will have to be carefully carried out by the royals to not appear to be lavishing it up too much whilst the rest of the country suffers from deep harsh cuts.

I feel one of the biggest stories going into the early part of next year certainly january and febuary with the VAT going up to 20% from the 4th of january will really start to hit home with petrol prices going through the roof for drivers. I wouldnt be surprised if we saw fuel strikes once again with supplies being disrupted.

All in all 2011 promises to be another interesting year with a glimer of hope coming from those who are starting to mobilise on the left to take action and stand up and be counted. It will also be a interesting year for our countries opposition party. The labour party with Ed miliband in charge. Ed it has been said has got off to a slow frustrating start if more of this continues and say they dont win the Oldham East bi-election i think pressure will start to mount on him. Saying that he could have a shadow cabinet reshuffel and come back storming the government and stamping his mark on the party and the country as a whole.

I do think we have a long way to come out of this economic crisis and 2011 will not be the end of it. Whilst i try to remain positive about next years prospects it is tricky to see where these cuts will leave us when they are all done.

For myself a prospect of a open university course starting in Febuary in socail science will be very interesting for myself. I am looking forward to this a hell of a lot. It is a chance for me to further my knowledge in this area and fill my time with some good study. I was very lucky to get on the course and get fully funded before the open university will have its budget cut from this tory lead coaliton so i feel very thankful.

I wish to get to see more friends across the country next year more people i have come in to conversation with over twitter and facebook over thel ast year. I also have my podcast i am slowly starting to organise and get going. Do contact if you would like to be involved in any shape or form too.

So that's it from me signing off for 2010 wishing you all a very happy new year and the best of luck in whatever you get up to next year.

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