Friday, 10 December 2010

Police tactics to be investigated

Breaking news from bbc london news today
and the independant suggests the police watchdog is opening up a investigation into how a 20 year old student protester yesterday ended up with bleeding on the brain and potential brain damage due to police heavy handed tactics. I've blogged about this before and i'm glad to see something is getting investigated. After the disgrace that was the ian tomlinson incident at the G 20 protests where the guy actually died thank god these brutal attacks on protesters are being flagged up and highlighted. I'm not anti police but i just want fair justice for all. THe media has solely focused on how the police got hurt and flags and trees were rippd down but this just takes you back when you hear of a student gaining brain damage due to a police tronchun over the head. I dont know the background of course and if the student was being rowdy but this just leaves a bit of a sour taste in teh mouth when you know there is history there with how the police treat protesters.

Hope the guy concerned recovers fully, thoughts are with hima nd his family.

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