Monday, 31 January 2011

are our governments turning more authoritarian ?

As we have seen over the last few months with more and more protests taking to our streets around the globe. Be it in North Africa in Tunisia or Egypt where the main news is focussed on heavily at the moment.

In 2010 we saw towards the end of the year mass scale protests on the streets of London and Greece towards their governments . In Britain it was the student movement taking to the streets to fight against the trebling of tuitian fees and the scrapping of the EMA allowance.

Whilst out on the streets i have noticed more and more reports that police tactics during these protests is becoming more and more heavy handed. I find this quite worrying. The oppressed in these countries are already oppressed so why do the governments of these countries feel the need to clamp down even more on them.

Even in Britain i'm hearing noises from the government and Labour that strike action by unions trying to protect jobs will be frowned upon and the laws may even be changed to prevent strike action. This to me is nothing else but authoritarian and governments around the world are becoming more and more like this.

Whatever happened to our right to protest ?

We seem to be dictated to when and how we can protest. Fair enough we must keep within the law but saying people cant strike or protest and flex their democratic right then waht kind of society are we really living in ?
It would seem as though we are turning into a police state in this country, Britain that is, With heavy handed police tactics being enforced on our streets on protesters it looks as though they are coming down on people with a opinion in a heavy way.

To even have the leader of the labour party and various MP's critesise unions for even wishing to strike and take industrial action to protect their jobs and conditions of their workers is a sign of how far we have come. This also shows how much the labour party is now in the hands of the capitalists it likes to protect. The labour party used to be out to protect workers rights and the workers movement this seems to be a distant memory now as they look to prop up our banks and protect big business who continuely exploit their workers year after year.

So it is a worrying sign if our governments are looking to clamp down on us having a voice. It seems they want a society as do as i say and follow us and you can only have a say if we allow you too.

It certainly does feel like we are heading back to the past where in victorian times there was a huge gulf in class's and a real distinction between class's.

I do hope either the lib dems or labour realise their roots and stand up for ordinary working people wishing to protest to protect their lives, jobs, benifits, working conditions and everything that is currently under threat peacefully and lawfully and without attacking them for doing this.

We wait and see.....

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