Sunday, 9 January 2011

are we being too hard on the poor bankers ?

Today i'm disagreeing totally with david camron today he made a statement that we must go easy on the banks and not try and make them feel they caused this recession.

How wrong could the bloke be i'm sorry but going all softly softly on the banks just tells me that the tories more than ever are in the pockets of teh bankers. The tories make a case for labour being in the unions pockets now its time to highlight the fact the tories are in the bankers pockets.

It is outragous to say that the banks didnt cause all this financial trouble. They lead the way with disgustingly large bonus's culture which rewarded failure and didnt punish if you messed up. It will show a real weakness if this government we have now goes too soft on the banks. Quite clearly the tories want to stick up for their rich mates in the city who they feel can do no wrong in their eyes. How wrong can thy be. If they cant see the real problems they do not deserve to be governing i'd go as far as to say.

Why are polititians scared of upsetting the banks and the financial sector are they scared they will up sticks and leave ? well as far as i'm concerned good ridence if they do. As i've mentioned in previous blog posts i think the way banks run themselves having a free reign over waht they seem to do and charge their customers is just not on. If they do end up leaving due to over taxation to bring our finances back on track well so be it i'm sorry. I have little sympathy for a industy which works on the idea of risk taking. With our money we wouldnt mind if it was their own money we wouldnt care less but when its public money being pumped into the system to keep them afloat we do deserve a lot better.

I do think polititians owe us something after bailing this retchid capitalist system out by pumping it full of our money coming down harder on tax avoiders and bank bonus's will win a lot of support if there was less attacks on the public sector and people on lower incomes and are less well off.

The plan to get us out of this recession is not working and its totally unfair. When will people wake up and realise this and speak up about it more ?

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