Thursday, 6 January 2011

Fuel prices going through the roof

So i just come back from town with my mum in her car. We stopped at the petrol station on the way back. First time we have filled up post VAT rise. Now my mum doesnt have a gas guzzler by any means a 1.1 peogeot 107 very economical little car. does a lot of miles to the gallon normally. But today our fuel came in at £45. This is ridiculous coupled with the VAT rise and the price of fuel rocketing in recent weeks this is just outragous.

As i am not a driver or a motorist this doesnt affect me but i know this will affect many of you out there who do drive. For a large family with two cars possibly who are on a average to low income this fuel rise and VAT increase is going to cripple some families i feel.

What are beloved government doing about this shooting up of fuel ? nothing of course they are loving it as they can pull in more tax for themselves. Simply this is not on. With inflation going through the roof too in recent months this is just not helping people get on with their lives. I feel there is much more the government could and should be doing to put pressure on these fuel companies who are charging huge prices for fuel.

The oil companies in the world like BP and Shell are some of the worst offending capitailist companies i've ever known. The way they expolit their workers and the countries they drill in is just out of order. Cost cutting in the gulf of mexico to maintain high profit margins was found to have been the reason behind the huge oil disaster in the Gulf a year or so ago. This is just hugely irresponsible of these companies and they must be brought into line and properly regulated.

Back to my original point i feel this fuel hike and VAT will once again hit the poorest in our society the hardest. I dont buy this arguement that the rich will face more of the tax as they will be spending more. Wrong as if you are poor you have less disposable income in the first place so a rise in prices is always going to affect the people with less money the most. But once again this tory lead coalition see that attacking people on lower incomes as fair game.

Well lets see what happens in a month or so when fuel prices start reaching record highs and fuel protests start back again. Will the government then step in to help keep the country moving. Will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

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