Monday, 24 January 2011

What is the Gay agenda ?

Alot of talk today on twitter has been a bout this article by Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail

She describes the gay agenda taking over british society and now our children will be indoctranated by having gay examples rammed down their throats effectively.

How this woman can write such inflamatory comments and get away with it astounds me personally.
I am not gay myself but have a lot of gay friends who are lovely people who i respect very much. Some have had to overcome a lot of struggles in their life already.

I treat them just like anyone else as they are just like anyone else, What they choose to do behind closed doors is no business of mine. I find the Daily mail becoming more and more contravertail in their stories these days. Is there not a week that goes by they dont offend a certain minority group in society ?

As a person who likes to stand up for peoples rights and freedoms i find these comments by Miss Phillips intensely sickening and do little to help bring this country to a more equal standing for gay and bisexual people. Why we have to make such a big deal out of it i dont understand anyway.

I would like to hear more about waht the "gay agenda" actually is as i really dont see it at all. It is just hysteria created by a journalist with a axe to grind it seems with the gay community.

It is a crying shame that kids and young people cant feel free to be what they want to be and face no discrimination is unreal.

The fact of the matter is that if this article had been about a different group in society lets say foreigners for example imigrants to this country there would be no end of trouble after this article.

I feel people like Melanie need to consider waht they are doing to help gay rights by publishing these thoughts of hers and how her article has progressed things.

There is still a hell of a lot of homophobia in this country sadly and i still do feel we are along way away from ending any prejudices, indeed if we ever do when articles like this persist in surfacing in our daily national newspapers.

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