Saturday, 22 January 2011

The dirty tactics of our modern day media

I've been wanting to blog about this topic for some time now but this last week has urged me into it with the resignation of one Andy Coulson as David Camerons communications chief whatever one of those is these days. I think from how i understand it is so out of touch tories can stay in touch with what the everyday person on the street thinks so they dont have to enter out of their ivory towers.

Cynical i know but no more cynical than a lot of newspapers and our press in this country. Andy coulson was forced to resign in the end for reported phone tapping to famous members of the celebrity world and important polititians. While i do think polititians do want things both ways sometimes their right to privacey yet the headlines when they want them i do think phone tapping is a step too far in all this.

In Britain we have one of the most intrusive medias in the modern world you can argue it is due to us wanting to know this apparently is why they do this, in our interests. Well i'm not interested and find a lot of their tactics they use to gain a story and a scandel is downright rude and intrusive sometimes.

Newspapers in this country are turning into being nothing more than being worth the paper they are written on. All they focus on now is celebrity scandels big shocks and big headlines that will grab the imagination.

Gone are the days of great investigative journalism and well researched stories on factual information. Oh no its got to be a scoup or a scandel for you to wake up on a sunday morning to read about.

Recently it has been the football world which has been shamed with a lot of these sex scandels that come up very often now. England footballers playing away from home being photographed and caught with their pants down is all we seem to read these days.

So i make two points do we rally want to be reading this ? and if not why do we continue to buy this tosh and secondly how are these various media sources the press for a want of a better word allowed to get away with such crude dodgy often dirty tactics to get their story.

Why cant we have the news reported that we actually want to know not what they think we should know.

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