Monday, 17 January 2011

Keep your grubby little hands off our NHS Cameron

so this morning any of you who tune in to the today programme on bbc radio 4 this morning will have hard our prime minister David Camron running our NHS down calling it a second rate service and calling for big reforms. Well maybe it is to you Mr Camron but seriously this is a insult to the great people of this country who rely on the NHS's great service.

The staff especailly which make the organisation will not be happy to hear these words from him. These reforms planned by the tories which incidentilly were never in their manefesto in fact they stated the opposite that the NHS was to be ringfenced would appear now that was all hot air as is the case with alot of the things that come out of a tory MP's mouth these days.

I am worried now the tories have their hands on the steering wheel our NHS is at great threat. You can never trust the tories with th NHS. With the news last week of the Post office being voted by the commons to be sold off to the private sector these words today from the prime minister worry me greatly.

It will be a very sad day if we see the NHS privatised and i really hope we do not. Labour and whoever has a say and can vote this down must do. If the tories plan cuts and mass scale reforms to the NHS we all know where they are leading with this, eventual selling off of our greatest public sector organisation this country has ever and will ever see in my opinion.

I do hope people wont take this one lying down as this will be a big fight if the tories do push ahead with their plans.

There has already been mumerings from within the NHS about how dangerous this will be and what a risk to patients this will be, but do the tories care ? no is the answer they only care about their money not about peoples lives.


  1. Ignoring all the tribal nonsense in this post... I have a bone to pick with your first paragraph.

    '...but seriously this is a insult to the great people of this country who rely on the NHS's great service.'

    So it's an insult because people rely on it? What? Something can still be second rate even if people rely on it! Putting your fingers in your ears and singing 'lalalala' doesn't help anything.

  2. you miss my point, sure its not perfect but its a insult to the staff and the workers doctors and nurses who work for the organisation, you may think its tribal but i care about our public services unlike the tories. we must protect this. the world wish's it had a service like our NHS it is a e xcellent service, where else in the world will you get such a excellent service and for free ? so instead of calling my blog nonsense i'd prefer constructive observations if possible.

  3. The tribal aspect IS nonsense. I'm not a party member, but this crass assumption that all things Tory are automatically evil and ought to be opposed merely because they're Tory just, to me, smacks of intellectual laziness. Then again I'm happy to bash all parties and ideologies. A character flaw, perhaps.

    I trust then that next time a biggish company is criticised, you will come out and say it's an insult to the workers there?

    Also the NHS isn't 'free'. It has many costs - both obvious (taxes) and unseen (effects of monopolising industry). Choose your words carefully!

  4. well it is free at the point of use you must know that surely ? or have you never used it before ? if you had read my blog before you would know i dont just bash tories for being tories, i bash whoever deserves it. This post was more about defending and protecting the NHS which i happen to believe is a excellent service which the tories seem to want to privatise from the looks of it. we can not allow that to happen under any circumstances.
    i always defend the rights of workers too so i will be one of the first to come down hard on big business who exploits its workers. That's why i am very pro union too.

  5. I am unsure if there is a realistic difference between how companies treat workers and how the NHS treats workers, in terms of income or the manner of the work itself. Surely it is anathema for you to see doctors and consultants earn such high wages compared to nurses - of course, the problem with wages is that even in a monopolised industry, market truths still apply! Is the state therefore exploiting the workers AND the consumers by denying choice?

  6. where is the choice if you cant afford teh choice ? if the NHS is made private what happens if you cant afford the health care, is it just back to same old tories sink or swim, if you cant afford it we dont care about you ? sounds all very victorian to me and i dont like it one little bit. It is disgusting that any private firm can make money out of peoples health care and peoples misfortune. It is not the sort of society i want to live in a one where business and profits come before peoples health.

  7. You are presenting a false dilemma - this isn't merely a choice between the NHS and a fire-sale of its assets to the highest bidder.

    Unfortunately, this is a problem:
    'It is not the sort of society i want to live in a one where business and profits come before peoples health.'

    Just because you say that does not make it so. There is a difference between what you want to happen, and what actually happens when you try it. The fact is the profit motive does all sorts of wonderful things to prices and wealth. Not, of course, that I'm suggesting complete privatisation, I jsut think it's foolish to reject it completely based on your personal moral thinking.

  8. no not really i'm of the belief that privatisation is not good for the NHS. You can call me foolish or any words you like it wont change how i feel about this. The NHS was never set up to make money or be profitable. It was set up to help people and help the countries appauling health at the time. The world envy's what we have so why throw it all away just fora quick buck ? if your not happy with teh service and can afford it go and use one of th ose private health care clinics but dont come back complaining they charge too much as i'll have no sympathy at all.

  9. Firstly, it's not the world's envy, or else everybody would replicate it (they don't). Secondly, neither does it perform statistically as well as other systems (see: France, Singapore). Thirdly, while you could say it's a noble cause not to consider such concepts as profit and money it is a bit wrong-headed; when you do not consider these things, when you ignore the economics, things go awry. Let's be realistic.

    And I suppose I would happily get private health cover. Unfortunately a good portion of my income goes to the NHS regardless of what I do. You could say I've no say in the matter.

  10. well you sound like a typical tory to me. i'm glad you can afford private health care but you must realise that not everyone is as fortunate as yourself and its not all about making economic sense its more about peoples lives and their health which in my view comes before making a profit, David camrons languages of the consumer earlier on today let the cat out of the bag of his plans to turn the NHS into a private company

  11. Ok... I'm not sure you even want to look at this critically. This 'turn the NHS into a private company' idea is just silly. I don't think anyone has said anything remotely close to that. And, unfortunately, it really doesn't matter whether or not you think economics is important in healthcare, it is anyway. You might not care about economics, but damn straight it cares about you! ;)

    Typical Tory? Interesting, since I'm no fan of the NHS and I'm pretty sure no Tories, even Thatcher, want rid of it. And I can't afford private healthcare...because I already pay for the NHS! You see how that works?

    You really, really, really need to get it out of your head that not having the NHS means everybody will start dying and healthcare will skyrocket in cost and nobody except David Cameron and his mates will get it. That just isn't the case.

    I sincerely urge you to read around and become more critical.

  12. sorry but that will be the case you just watch. dont say i told you so

  13. The NHS is a big fat, juicy prize for Cameron to slice up and hand over to his friends in business. There's too much money involved in the NHS for it not to be a target for the capitalists. They can't bear the thought of all that potential profit and not having it within reach. Even Thatcher couldn't quite bring herself to let the parasites in, probably because in her day there were too many voters about who remembered life without the NHS.

    The time is now ripe for the money-men to enter in and feast.

  14. hi chris that is exactly how i see it going too, i dont know how people cant see this is the case. but we cant say we didnt tell them so

  15. But you guys aren't offering a justification, just soundbites, socialist platitudes that mean slightly less than bugger all. Come on, at least TRY to argue.

  16. well my arguement is we need the NHS as it is doing a fantastic job and offering people a free at the point of use health service that even America would love to emulate. I'm proud to live in a country where our health service is free at the point of use. i feel we should defend it and i will defend it, i've joined groups to defend our NHS from hiddeious tory reforms and what i still stand by ultimate privatisation