Monday, 3 January 2011

Is a government nudge a nudge too far ?

reading this article in todays independant

it suggests more from what i was blogging about earlier in the week about the government wanting to control/push you in the direction they like you to go.

To me this seems like the government and not much ahs been said on this so far but i'm sure someone will grab hold of this and tell them to back off eventually. I'm surprised mor true conservative people havent been up in arms about this who usually regard a government to stay out of their own business and how they run their lives.

But no, Is it because it is David Cameron coming out and saying all this that they are unsure of what to make of it. Or is it their love child David Cameron the only person who has been able to modernise the conservative party for a good decade or so and by putting waht he says down they could end up in a tricky situation again.

All in all whether this be friendly advice or actual policy and turns into law it is all very concerning a lot of this nudge language that is being used i feel.

I feel the governemnt will be stepping on a lot of peoples toes with these new ideas and trying to involve themselves in our lives even more. From a government who said they wanted to give us more control on what goes on this seems to be going against all that talk. But hey when your breaking promises left right and centre what's another one going to matter ay ?

Just wonder what people think of these plans of this big society and the way we think being altered by this government. should we listen or should we ignore them ?

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