Monday, 17 January 2011

Is football not living in the real world ?

Taking this blog on a different direction now. As some of you may or may not know i'm a big football fan but i think this recent story of Darren Bent a average premiership striker at best is set to move to Aston villa from Sunderland for 18 million pounds.

Outrageous sums of money this is. When will football join the real world while people aer struggling to get by with paying their bills these super rich sports stars are getting paid silly amounts of money.

Take Manchester City for e xample Carlos tevez gets paid roughly 200,000 pounds a week and if any new player joins the club on a higher salary his wages will match that. I just think it sets a really bad example to the rest of the country in times of hardship.

I know alot of this money coming into the game has been though various sources like Sky Television money and selling the rights to show live games around the planet. But also foreign ownership with rich benifactors buying up english clubs pumping huge sums of money into the top teams. That money rarely trickles down to the lower league teams forcing many to go out of business.

Football is a cruel game which must look at its actions if it wants to continue to be a well respected sport on the national and world stage. As was shown with FIFA over their decision for the world cup in 2018 and 2022 there is a hell of a lot of corruptin involved in the game still.

Speaking of corruption it hasnt erally been touched on but is sure to attract attention from groups like UKuncut in next few months and years is the fact alot of rich footballers avoid paying large sums of their tax. Wayne Rooney, one of Englands best players and best paid players earns an estimated 250 thousand pounds but dodges paying tax on a large amount of that. What UKuncut ask is that money better spent on the NHS rather than being in your back pocket.

more and more questions will be asked like this if fotball continues to live in this rich fantasy world turning into a game no longer for the working class who already find it hard to afford to attend games turning into a game and a play thing for the very rich.

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  1. From a footballing perspective, I wouldn't call Darren Bent 'average at best' - only Rooney and Drogba have scored more goals than him in the league over the last 5 years. How he didn't get taken to the World Cup and Heskey did beats me. And if Andy Carroll is valued at £30 million, I reckon Bent looks pretty good value at £18 million.

    Anyhow, I broadly agree with the sentiment of the blog, you make a good point about how money basically rules the game now. Imagine how much the country's economic problems would be reduced if the hundreds of millions being spent on transfers, plus the millions spent on players' wages, were put into the economy. It's pretty bad when you look at Rooney et al taking hundreds of thousands a week, when probably a million people could be made unemployed this year. Unfortunately, the footballers probably don't see it that way.