Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A sad day for the british post office as its set to be sold off

So we hear tonight that the government of this country has voted in favour of selling off and privitising the Royal Mail. Story courtesy of teh bbc here

This is such a sad day for many of the post office's workers and a sad day for this country as a whole. One of our great institutions going off to the gready capitalists out there. Lets not forget it was a labour government which tried time after time to try and do exactly this during itst ime in government. We willa ll remember the consignia mess that Adam Crozier and his cronies were involved in.

THis move to sell off the post office comes as no real surprise to me knowing what kind of government we now have. A very right wing idealogically driven government set in their ways to carry out waht Margret Tatcher failed to finnish off. THe public sector.

I feel sorry for all the hard workers of the post office who will no doubt be loosing their jobs now when it is taken over by a private firm. As the private firm will look to slash job numbers, restructure, possibly re-finance it and make it "more efficient".

Campaigns such as keep the post public fought really harda nd still will have their say i'm sure of this and hopefully a backlash will arrise but this is sad news i feel for one of britains best known high street outlets.

A month or so ago i attended a stevenage against the cuts rally where Billy hayes of the CWU spoke to us. you can find this post here :

Billy who still believes in the labour party turning themselves around stated that his union had fought off attempts to close post offices across the country and had battled with the last labour government to fend off this very same event we hear of tonight. I would love to hear billys views tonight on what has just been voted through in parliament.

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