Sunday, 2 January 2011

the banks plans for this year: charge you for all they can

So i was listening to Londons LBC on the radio earlier today where i happened to stumble across some financail advice phone in. It shocked and depressed me to hear a financial expert telling people to be careful with using banks this year as due to them being short on money now they will be looking to recapitalise themselves. So for example will be trying to gain as much money back to themselves as they can. To bridge the shortfall i imagine.

This is hard to comprehend really when we have just bailed them out big time in the last few years.

I do wonder waht kind of operation they run down at these banks. Do they just piss money up the wall or waht. They seem useless at being able to keep hold of any and almost gambling our money away iressponsibly i must add.

So the way they will do this is by keeping as much of our money back as they can be either keeping interest rates deliberatly low for us or if we go over into the red one month charge us to the hilt for it. All this is bad form really from the banks who already are becoming the nations favourite sector to hate. I think they got to be careful or they will end up with people removing their money in a large amount and taking it elsewhere.

Whilst this continues in the banking sector this disgraceful practise the tory lead government of ours thinks its ok to keep the banks unregulated and timidly taxed in terms of their ridiculously huge bonus's. Something must be done to clamp down on thisindustry which seems to be a law to itself.

capitalism is on its knees why are we continueing to prop it up ?

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