Tuesday, 4 January 2011

An expensive start to 2011- VAT bombshell, Broken promises continue

Well that is how it seems this morning. Whilst reading this article from the New statesman http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/the-staggers/2011/01/raise-vat-tax-tories

It seems they are both at fault here. Highlighting the fact that both the tories and the lib dems campaigned in the last election on the back of the fact they would not be putting up VAT at all if they got elected.

In fact David Cameron made it one of his persoanl pledges to not bring VAT up. He described the tax as a regressive tax and unfair on the poor.

Fast forward 6 months 4th of January 2010 and guess waht a 2.5% rise in VAT to a staggering 20% on all things VAT taxed. Absolutely disgusting. How are they getting away with it i ask you ?

It is a horrible slap in the face to the poor and business's who are already facing tough times from the year before. Some may have only just made it through the last year by the skin of their teeth. Now are being forced to absorb a VAT increase.

On top of all this the thieving train companies which people rely on day in day out to get across our great country to and from work have decided due to lack of investment to put up their prices by a average of 7% on top of what wwere already ridiculously expensive prices.

How are the train regulators allowing them to get away with this nasty rise taking the VAT increase into consideration too train travel will simply become unaffordable to many this year i feel. But are our government stepping in to help people out ? no they are not they are making things worse for them at the worst possible time.

I read a article over the weekend that suggests people should start protesting to train operators who charge ridiculous prices for their service yet offer a terrible often late or canceled service. If train companies since going private want to charge more i feel people have a right to expect a much better service for that extra price.

The extra rise in the VAt rise will bring in a estimated 13 billion pounds to the government is it really worth that when we could be taxing the bankers far more and closing tax loop holes which is estimated it could bring in nearer 120 billion pounds. More than enough to cover the debt and allow the people in this country who did not cause this mess a chance to breathe and try and get by a lot easier.

All these attacks just seem to be coming more and more on the common working people its about time it ended and the tables were reversed.

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