Saturday, 8 January 2011

letter back from my MP about cuts to DLA

Today in the mail i recieved a letter back from my MP i scanned it in and thought you'd all like to read this. Very oddly someone else i know on twitter recieved the same response from their tory MP word for word. This smacks of laziness and as though they are acting like sheep with no brains to think for themselves for their own ideas.

here is the letter in full.

"Dear Mr Wright,

Thank you for contacting me about reforms to Disability Living Allowance.

I believe that the Government owe a duty to disabled people to promote their independence and equality and I also believe it has a duty to ensure that it has the right governance in place to deliver this support efficiently and sensibly.

The Government is already undertaking a large-scale reform of the welfare system, for example the Universal Crdit and it's flagship Work Programme. These welfare reforms are designed to protect people in the most vulnerable situations, including disabled people. The Government has made it clear that it is steadfast in its support for the principles of DLA, as a non-means-tested cash benefit contributing to the extra costs incurred by disabled people.

However, DLA is currently a poorly targeted and unsustainable benefit. Almost three million people receive this benefit at a forecast cost of £12 billion per year. We now have a disability benefit which is confusing for individuals to understand, based on unclear criteria and often results in inconsistent rewards, and since 1992, both the case load and the cost of DLA have grown to a level that is unsustainable. Change to DLA are long overdue and must address questions of fairness and value, while supporting disabled people to lead independent lives. We must ensure DLA better reflects the needs of disabled people today, rather than in the 1990's, and that it enables support to be targeted to those with the greatest need.

The Government wants to bring disability benefits into the 21st century by replacing DLA with a new Personal Independence Payment. This is an opportunity to improve the support for disabled people and enable them to lead full, active and independent lives. The Personal Independence Payment will maintain the key principles of DLA, but it will be delivered in a fairer, more consistent and sustainable manner. It is only right that support should be targeted at those disabled people who face the greatest challenges to leading independent lives and this reform is required to enable that, along with a clearer assessment process.

The Government has launched a formal public consultation on DLA and wants the views of disabled people to be fully reflected in any change it makes to DLA and has asked disabled people and their organisations to join the debate on reforming DLA. You may wish to make your views known and you can contribute to the Consultation by visiting website:
I want to assure you that those who are genuinely sick, disabled or retired have nothing to fear. This Government does not regard caring for the needy as a burden, but as a proud duty.

I hope that this reassures you and thank you again for taking the time to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Mark Prisk MP

this clearly shows my MP like so many others are ill informed and seem to not support disabled people one little bit. THis shows they want to rip into the welfare system and wreck peoples welfare and independance. Alot of this letter is waffle and clearly not their own ideas as someone else i know recieved exactly the same letter as this. Its poor and shows a lack of compassion to the sick and disabled in this country. It does seem you ahve to be severely disabled now to get any sort of benifits, even then yuo must prove it beyond doubt. Where is this country going making disabled people feel they are a burden on society. it is all wrong i tell you so very wrong.

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