Monday, 29 November 2010

Can labour achieve gender balance in the next parliament ?

Well over the weekend i was reading a interview with the Labour party leader Ed miliband and his thoughts of achieving gender equality balance under his leadership.

I thought i should blog on this. I ask you is this possible ? i personally think this is doable. Since the last election labour has gained a lot of female members and i've made friends with a lot of politically engaged women now. It is great to see. But one thing is having new female members of the party and anotehr thing to transforming them into good labour female MP's.

It is tricky but i do hope labour can be seen as the home for women in politics with a fair chance of making the shortlists of being a parliamentary candidate.

Hariot Harman has done wonders in this area at raising the profile of women in the party. I do also think unions especially ones affiliated with labour and the labour movement could do more to encourage women to join a union and gain positions of power within their union.

I am all for equality as you amy all well know but i think labour and the unions need to go further to help this.

It is the start of what i feel is the reallignment of the working class's. Helping other parts of society feel properly represented. This will eventually include women, men, Lesbians, gay and transexual people, disabled and any other group of people i may have messed out if i have i apologise. I just want labour to rediscover itself as being a party for all. a fair chance for all to make it in politics. A fair chance for everyones views to be heard whatever background you are from.

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  1. It's a noble goal to aim for. Until we get a representative democracy in this country then there will always be this marginalisation.