Friday, 19 November 2010

Lord Young your a disgrace

It was announced today Lord Young will be resigning from his role as the governemnt enterprise advisor

Lord Youngs comments were deamed inappropriate when he calimed that the british ahd never had it so good and the recession was all down to mortgage prices going through the roof.
Thank god this guy has gone, it just highlights to me even more that the majority of the conservative party although in government are still hugely out of touch with reality of people loosing their jobs on a daily basis.

I hope this guy now cant find a job and has to do litter picking like the tories want unemployed people to do. Treat him like a criminal. I dont imagine he knows how it feels to live on the breadline. Tories like Lord young really wind me up.

Now lets see the other advisor to David cameron go now after he has brought shame on the government step forward Andy Coulson....

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