Monday, 1 November 2010

Where Ed turns next

Having just read this article from the brilliant progress online who i still intend to join at some point

it argues some very good points i agree with. It sums up Ed milibands first month as leader veryw ell. It says that we as labour have been lagging behind the coalition in terms of winning the arguement. It also makes the case very clear to me that within labour now, there is a growing frustration at the lack of a alternative to waht the coalition are carrying out. It is all very well opposing certain things but it looks shallow when you are not offering any alternatives. In the progress article it suggests possibly taxing the child benifit recieved rather than cutting it, which to me sounds quite similar in its results.

I do think from what the article suggests that some of labours policies it may come out with after the policy review, being conducted by Liam burn at the moment will upset some unions. In my view that will not bode well for labour. With a growing resistance to the cuts from the unions. Labour do not want to get themselves caught in between the unions and the coalition. Having opposition from both sides could be catastrophic for labours chances of regaining power in 5 years time.

It has either got to side with the unions to a degree that it is comfortable with or expect union rebellion and possible splits with some unions who currently support the party.

I feel they are running a bit of a tight rope really trying to play to all corners. Are labour a party for the middle class or working class anymore ? it is becoming difficult to tell from where i see things.

Ed miliband has told the Prime minister where he thinks he is going wrong but i still think he is lacking credibility on economic matters. Labour needs to appear out of the shadows of its past and come out with some new ideas how to boost growth.

They do say if you stick in the centre of the road and try to appeal to everyone you get run over, i hope this is not going to happen to labour this time around. But certainly frustration is growing i can sense within some members who thought Ed would reform the party and get labour back on the straight and narrow in the polls and popularity.

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