Saturday, 27 November 2010

The racial under current in the UK

I have noticed over the last few years a growing racial feeling in britain. I dont think racists have ever gone away sadly they have just been covered up better and not given as much exposure.

But when recessions bite and times become hard tensions can rear their ugly head once again. I think we should be on the outlook constantly to oppose racisism and any other ugly discriminations.

Certainly since september 11th and the July 7th london bombings racial tensions have been growing i feel in America and the Uk the media dont help this. The vast majority of muslims are peace loving people it is the minority of the religion who are frankly hiding behind their religion to get away with their views.

The media seem to bracket every muslim as a terrorist because of a minority.

I just think we should be careful not to let racisism make a big come back in this country. I am dead against any form of racism and will speak up against it. I have black and asian friends and they are really nice people who wouldnt harm a soul.

I just feel things like crime, racism, social unrest all rise when people have lesss money due to the recession, butw e must remember our rights and wrongs.

On a similar note peoples views to imigration and such matters will become more concentrated when a recession bites. As david miliband described to us at one of his meetings i attended over the summer. He stated that imigration becomes a bigger problem and almost a reason to blame people coming to this country when there is unemployment and a lack of social housing. I think the majority of people in this country are not racist but look for someone to blame when things dont go their way and the people coming to the country are the easiest to blame.

I think we'd find if these issues were solved, social housing, crime, jobs that tensions between communities would quickly disepate.

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