Sunday, 14 November 2010

the loss of compassion in Britain

This is a blog post on a more personal level. Some of you may enjoy this more.

As a young blind guy living in britain today it strikes me so many times during a week that we have become this selfish greedy country.

It saddens me that at such a young age i already feel that this country has gone to the dogs in so many aspects. I really dont think people look out for eachother in the way we used to anymore. Where i live in the south east of England people go about their business and rarely mix with others. We have become a society of individuals. More single people than ever before and more people doing what they want.

The selfish attitude of a lot of people in this country now i believe has alot to do with Margret tatcher and her right to buy policey which enpowered a lot of people to buy their own council houses. This gave people a real propety and a foot hold on the propety ladder.

Alot of people who took up this offer did not look back and have grown greedier and greedier.

I dont think this is what britain is all about. In the war times we all mucked in and helped eachother out. I strongly believe we are a kind caring country still not a conservative selfish one. We have always helped other countries out around the world be it through aid, funding, humanitarian or allies. I think peoples attitudes have changed so much due to the realisation of money and the good times we enjoyed in the 2000's.

Now money is becoming tighter the country over people are finding out how much they really do have.

Another point is just general friendliness. It seems so rare now for people to stop on their walk to work or the shops to say hello, not just hello but ask how people are, a small gesture can go a long way to making somebodys day a lot brighter.

This country is becoming less and less interested in helping people out and more about bettering themselves. The best feeling i can get for myself is helping someone out if i can in anyway at all. To me knowing i have helpd put a smile on someones face means a lot more than achieving something personal i find.

I am a big people person, care about the well being of people in general, the less well off more so as they are so often the ones who are the worst affected in life.

I also think it is a north south divide issue too.

Take for example when i was at Hereford at the royal national college for the blind the taxi companies all around there would go the extra mile to help you out if you needed it. They would offer to twalk you into the building you were trying to get into and it'd be no trouble to them.

In contrast not mentioning taxi companiy names down here in teh south east my t taxi company i use to get to work on a monday and tuesday seem in such a rush to drop me off and get off it just feels very unconnected. If i ask them where the door is roughly to get in to my work place they sound like its all such a big effort to help out. Its all wrong and i thinka general feeling of compassion has gone missing in alot of people today.

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