Thursday, 11 November 2010

why i agree with Ed Miliband on a living wage

Ed miliband championed one of the best ideas i have heard for a good while during his leadership campaign.
Ed campaigned fora national living wage for everyone. Including for students working on a internship. I would just love to throw my weight behind this plan i think the current minimum wage system which evidently was brilliantly introduced by labour while the conservatives strongly opposed it. One of new labours better things they did i must say.

But i think we need to go further now transform the wage structure in this country. Big business's will no doubt not aprove of this idea as any idea of having to pay their workers more money they have reservations about. But they will also be getting more money too.

I proposed a rate of 7 pounds per hour. This would be universally expanded to all areas of the country. I think with VAT rising and people in general having far less money than before this would be the honourable thing to do by government and employers.

We all know we are in a time of austeraty but helping your workers out throughout this time can mean a lot and can save you from disaster. The company i work for has done exactly this. Not introduced a living wage as they dont have to yet sadly but have given people their first wage rise in about 3 years roughly to compensate the coming VAT rises and the cost of living going up too. A very braveand couragous move in my opinion and i'm duely grateful of this. I am sure fellow workers will appreciate this too. Even in these difficult times a company like ours can look after and think of its workers is tribute to it.

I just wonder if other companies will follow suit or carry on laying off staff and freezing pay increases.

Its a risk for the company to put up wages slightly but if the work then does follow it'll tie them over nicely over the next few uncertain years.

But going back to my original point i do believe the living wage needs to be campaigned for and i will be doing exactly that for the good of the british workforce public or private sector.

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