Sunday, 14 November 2010

We move on but we never forget

Just wanted to do a special blog post on the rememberance sunday tributes.

On the 11th hour of the 11th day the guns fell silent in france and the world war 2 ended. This is the day we all stop to think of those we have lost and have sacrificed their lives for our cause today. For them we may not be living in a english speaking britain today instead we may have been speaking german.

I do think the papers in the week who highlighted these minority of muslims who were disrespecting the rememberance day services should be condemned but also we must not let theis become a attack on the muslims by so called racists in this country.

I still think there is a racist under current in this country still. Alot of people who are casually racist because their parents are or because it is seen as cool. We ll it is not cool it is very uncool. I am totally against racism and will disassociate myself with anyone i know who has been racist in any shape or form. We are a multi cultural country and must learn to live together. After all alot of british muslims fought for us in the war and helped us out. Of course there are a minority of extremists out there everywhere has some but these people seem to get more publicity than the peace loving kind hearted muslims who live peacefully in the united kingdom.

So i'd like to remind people waht the soldiers recent and from the past waht they have fought for and what we must protect. Our democracy and our freedom of speech.

We should feel proud to be british whether yuo are black, white, asian, gay, straight or anything.

To me equality matters a lot to me and fairness is key.

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