Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Which way will the lib dems go ?

After reading the labour lists article on the lib dems and the rise in tuitian fees which can be read here

i thought i should blog my feelings. As the article sets out this could be a turning point for the lib dems and their legacey really. Alot of their seats they hold are in key university city's including Sheffield where Nick clegg sits. Cambridge, bath and Norwich if only by a slim majority of 300 votes.

I think the lib dems should personally stand with labour on this issue and stand against the rise in tuitian fees to as much as 9,000 pounds. The lib dems have always done well out of the student vote but as they look to turn their backs on these pledges they made to campaign agaisnt a rise in fees they will be duely punished i hope.

The only option they have is to obstain from the vote, how many will or how many will cave in and sell out once again.

No wonder the youngest parliamentary candidate in the last election who came second to my own Mp Mark prisk has joined labour this week from the lib dems. Andrew Lewin wil be made very welcome indeed.

I would also just like to mention the big demo 2010
which yuo can read more about here

is a huge student rally in london tommorrow campainging about these cuts to higher education and rises in tuitain fees. I urge any young students or political activists to get up there if yuo can i believe it starts at half past 10 on horse guards parade.

best of luck comrades

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  1. As my mum would have said, "They've made their bed, now they can lie in it!"

    i don't think anything they can do aside from pulling out of this coalition government will redeem them come the ballot box.