Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Should prisoners get the vote ?

I was listening to a good debate on radio 5 live last night on the tony livesey show and they were talking about the EU possibly imposing a law forcing the UK to give its prisoners the right to vote still.

I for one am not for this act. I dont want to sound right wing at all but i do think that when you commit a crime of the land that breaks the United Kingdoms laws you are surely forfeiting your rights to such things as teh vote.

People on the other side of the arguement say that even though they have commited a crime it is their human right to vote even if they are in jail. I disagree, life cannot be the same for them on both sides, if you commit a crime you surely cannot expect life to be as it is on the outside. Otherwise what would be the deterrent


the reason we have so many prisoners in jail in this country i believe is we are too soft on criminals who commit offences, if the sentances were tougher and life inside was perhaps not so nice people would not want to go inside would they ? its pretty simple to me.

I know my thoughts here are not that liberal and that's fine this is one of the things i take a hard stance on really. I think we could be tougher on criminals in this country. Not to the way america is using the death penalty or anything like that but maybe less comfort in jail and limit their rights inside.

what do other people think ?

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  1. If everyone who comiited a crime was to forfeit the concept of human rights then perhaps none of us would have anything. What constitues a crime is measured against the law. And the law is produced by the state and the establishment. If they were representative of the population then perhaps our laws would be markedly diferent.

    If you get time try and dig deeper into the history, politics and philosophy of prison and the justice system and see if your perception of it changes.