Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Kettling a disgraceful way to treat protesters

Today is the second wave of student protests all over the United Kingdom against tuitian fees rising to 9 thousand pounds a year. AStudents from all over the country have walked out on mass today not just against university fee increases that Nick clegg seems to now regret promising to protect against but also the removal of the EMA which helps a lot of less well off students and families afford school equipment.

But a number of students protesting today in the capital in London have been kettled, a police tactic they use in a event of a riot where the crowds are penned in. This is going to create tension and if there isnt violence before this might just trigger any off.

Lets hope there are no repeats of the violence seen on the 10th of november but if any does break out police heavy handed tactics and leaving police vans as decoys to set students up should be highlighted.

I have already read of students being beaten heavily with trunchens and being kidney prodded and all sorts of unsavory actions. The police should not provoke trouble they should just respect the peaceful protest and not rial already angry students up.

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