Monday, 1 November 2010

The Tea party in american politics

Having just watched this worlds documentary from Andrew Neill on bbc 2 earlier on this the fastest growing political movement in the USA.

Worries me slightly at the language being used and the messages being put across. To me it is always worrying when a big political movement gets going it is a momentum that can snowball out of control sometimes if the wrong people get involved.

This documentary focused on how people are flocking to this new right wing movement in the states in their droves. It highlighted peoples frustration with the current government and government in general. Tea party activists seem to want to take America back to the good old days where things were easier and simplier. They are dead against big government and the federal state.

Aligning this ideaology to a british perspective i'd say they are like the tory party of old in Britain. A group of people who do not want governemnt interfering in their lives anymore and want to take back their country as they put it.

The current president in America is of course O'barma who is a black american who has been touted as a socialist and a muslim by many in this tea party movement. I just find some of these claims farcicle and so wide of the mark, O'barma may be of african disent but he is defanatly american.

To me a british politics enthusiast i find it hard to get my head around how quickly this movement has sprung up so close behind what seemed like the big wave of optimism that swept across America to see President o'barma into the white house. Where has all that feeling gone ?

As i documented earlier this tea party movement predomenantly a grass roots campaign has been growing speed and power and is now infiltrating the Republican party in American politics, a party that has always been more right wing and been quite conservative, This tea party threatens and has achieved reasonable success in taking the republican party further to the right than it has ever gone before.

One question stands out for me is how have ordinary Republicans just let their party be taken over like this ?

I am aware that tea party activists have used all sorts of dirty tactics to get republicans out and their people in.

Now we face the mid term elections across America with the senate and the congress both up for grabs i expect to see a major shift towards the right in America with this scarirly fast movement which has tinges of racism in amoungst its depths. I just wonder where this will leave America and its less well off who are struggling even as it is. Will these be left to fend for themselves and ultimatly maybe perish.

Doesnt bear thinking about. I fear this movement from the documentary i watched tonight even without a leader to protect itself by having no head to cut off may be a road America may regret turning down.

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