Wednesday, 10 November 2010

my take on the students protests in london today

As we all have been watching and hearing on our tv's and radio's there have been big protests today organised by national union of students. Police estimate there was 50,000 people out on the streets today.

The protest which was there to campaign against the unfair trebling of tuitian fees to as much as 9 thousand pounds.

the protest turned ugly later in the day with several hundred storming tory party HQ on Millbank. As you all may gatehr i'm far from a fan of the conservative party and really dont like what they stand for. But on this ocasion i cannot condone violence. By all means protest and make your point heard but i think this will have marred the true reason as to why the students were protesting today. People have said there were socialists out there causing trouble. I dont believe there were i heard no rallying call for people to go up there and join teh protest. I can only assume these people who got into the tory hq and on to the roof were students with a radical agenda. Not that i condone violence but i really can understand their frustration and someway anger at these rises in fees.

I'm left leaning myself, a little bit more than some in the labour party maybe but i dont believe socailists to be aggresive or violent. This lot of people today were there to cause trouble and i dont think it was right. Reports of a few injuries today during the protests but i do hope the media focus's on the positive message being sent out today that students will not just lay down for these rise's and that the working and lower class will fight back if it needs to.

This was as much a message to the lib dems who broke their promises from before the general election of voting against tuitian fee rises. That is where the anger stems from. Nick Clegg and his awful party of liars who have joined the conservatives to give them the chance to put through these awful cuts which i still dont feel are entirely nessesary.

So to sum up i dont agree violence is always the answer but as someone pointed out on twitter peaceful protests never make teh news while these sorts of ones do, maybe not for the right reasons but it does send a message to this government that we will fight back if need be.

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