Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The political fire back in our bellies

Just thinking to myself just now i really think politics has really made a comeback in this country. Before the election and years before it people didnt blink a eye lid to what was going on down at Westminster. Now i wouldnt suggest a huge shift has occured but from the way young students are going out onto our streets to protest in their hundreds of thousands it would suggest the young are certainly becoming more engaged again. This is excellent news i feel. Even if they are angered clearly that is not good but the fact they are thinking politically and about what things affect them.

I couldnt be more proud of these students taking to the streets and carrying out occupations of universities. Hopefully this will inspire a new generation of political activists. There has always been protests down the years in this country but we havent seen any on the scale as what we have recently. What encourages me more is the bravery and the endever of these young comrades. To take the fight back to the coalition government who have betrayed them deeply. Especially on the subject of tuitian fees. I say good on them and i hope this new wave of political activism continues, peacefully of course but making sure their message can be heard loud and clearly.

Hopefully the young can inspire the older more mature political activists to get re-engaged again and follow up with similar protests to defend our welfare state and many other things that appear to be under threat.

Let this be the start of a wave of optimism to sweep this great nation where the vunerable and the working class's and the under threat start the fight back.

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