Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Why i feel school sport is still important

So as we await the decision from FIFA this week to learn if England will be hosting the 2018 football world cup we hear reports that the tory lead coalition government are looking to cut school sports for schools funding in the face of all this.

With the county little over 2 years till the 2012 London Olympics which you cant go anywhere in London without hearing about this. I just feel cutting the sports funding to schools is very disapointing. As we are constantly being reminded we are a nation that is becoming increasingly over weight. Especailly at a younger age. So kids in schools need regular excersise and funding for that. It is complete idiocy to cut this budget therefore. The tories line is they want to push this decision back to headteachers to decide what to do. But when your given the chance to decide what to spend nothing on. It doesnt really give you much of a choice to be honest. It is like saying here you go have no money and see what you can do with it.

This country needs to take a lead of the way we live, eat and excersise. We are quickly going the way of America of our children doing little excersise and eating horribly unhealthy foods.
Something must be done and i dont blame people like Jamie Oliver coming out and hammering the government on this. It is not just a tory-lib dem thing the previous labour government started the proccess of selling off school playing fields. So lets not think labour have the morale high ground on this issue. But i do think Labour have a big chance with their policy review under way now to re think their views on this.

If they are seen to be on the sides of schools and headteachers and children this could gain them a lot of crediablity. On a issue that is important to a lot of people. As we look towards these two big sporting events we need to be helping children achieve sporting success. I just think children should be playing sport competitive or not it should not matter. The tory claims of Labour didnt promote winners is rubbish. It is the taking party and being sporting which is far more important i feel.

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