Thursday, 11 November 2010

we'll make work pay say tories

After reading this news today
the Minister for work and pensions, Iain Duncan Smith has claimed to make work pay for people. There will be a universal benifit consolidating all benifits in to one big benifit. By big i mean a one which contains them all. Although it doesnt of course it is reducing your benifits as they are just merging them all together.

Firstly i think this is wrong in itself i am against a universal benifit as such.

Also i totally oppose how the coalition government are going about these plans. No one disagrees taht if people can work they should try to. But the tactics the condems plan to use by if you dont find work within a year you will be forced, yes i said it forced to work in the community picking litter or something of taht nature. Aswell as this slave labour to keep their reduced benifits they will loose their benifits for 3 years if they refuse to work.

This criminalisation of the unemployeed is a disgrace in my view and is yet another attack on the less well off in this country by the rich. Tories are convinced there are jobs about to get into. Well why is unemployment rising month on month. With a record amount of university graduates unemployed this year this will only rise.

This is all before the proposed 490,000 public sector job cuts proposed in teh spending review last monthh.

Labour say they support these plans from teh government even the universal benifit which means people will be less well off under the plans. Their only concern is if there is enough jobs out there. If i was higher up in labour i'd be banging the drum loud on this. there are real major social concerns about these plans. Coupled with the reduction in housing benifit and the rise in VAT come january we will quickly find a lot more homeless people on our streets once again. I am depressed to see which direction this government is taking this country. Making the unemployed feel like they are criminals for not being able to find a job is just plain wrong in my view.

If the jobs were there and being created i can see the logic of encouraging people in to them. not that they would need much encouraging as i am sure most people agree with me that most people would rather be in work than not. Alot of them time people are unemployed through no fault of their own

I think Mr Ducan Smith needs to go back to that council estate he visited in 2002 and take a look again at how bad some areas of this country is in terms of unemployment and how George osbournes cuts will further affect poor areas.

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