Monday, 29 November 2010

In support of John Mcdonald MP

Over the weekend Baroness Warsi has come out asking Ed miliband to repremand John Mcdonald MP for apparently inciting a riot.

What rubbish really. Ed miliband should rightly ignore this woman who has a habbit of coming out with ridiculous statements. John did nothing wrong and is allowed to attend whichever event he likes. If it happens to be against what the government are currently putting through then so be it. SDoes she expect him to go along with the cuts that are ridiculoulsly unfair ? I just dont think these people live in the real world.

Yes John Mcdonald is a public figure but i dont see how he was inciting a riot. If a riot did occur doesnt that show the anger at the coalition and its policies. Rather than slamming people opposing the cuts why not look at why they are against the cuts Baroness Warsi. Another tory who seems hugely out of touch with popular public feeling.

It is a growing reisistance. Something of which i reblogged earlier a extract of how the conference of resisstance went over the weekend. The tories are just running scared as not everyone is going along with their plans.

Well i can only see the feelin growing to oppose these cuts personally i cant see them becoming more popular over night somehow.

So this blog would like to send out its support to one of the few proper labour left wingers left in the party in John Mcdonald MP

In solidarity

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