Saturday, 13 November 2010

How the lib dems planned to drop principles long before the election

this news has broke over the last day or so :

it describes how the liberal democrats were preparing to drop their pledge to defend the rise in tuitian fees. The article describes that in any event o a hung parliament the party lead by Nick Clegg would be happy to drop their tuitian fees pledge as one of their first things to bargain with.

This to me strikes as a big let down and a betral of their voters. THe lib dems won a lot of votes on the student vote and to sell them out like this is just not on.

I feel all the anger directed at them right now is fair and just. If they planned to drop that pledge long before the election why did they not be honest and tell their voters ? spineless i'm sorry the whole party.

No they are firmly in bed with the tories, a party i dont think now they are too disimilar from. In the past these two parties have been very close in the past and i wouldnt mind betting they will merge one day.

But the coalition talk about this "neww politics" and being honest and regaining trust i just think this latest announcement flies in the face of all of that and makes them look like the lieing fools they are.

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