Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Has britain got its balls back

After todays mass protests by students in and around Westminster which some say was as much as 60 thousand people.

BBc strikes last week, tube strikes becoming regular, firefighters going on strike and many many still to come i am sure of it.

so i ask the question has britain finally woken up and got its balls back to fight back ?

have people had enough of the capitalist society we have turned in to and want a farier possibly even a socialist agenda put back into society. I for one would be for taht, I do think labour could pick up many votes if it turned itself a little to the left, It would surely pick up a lot of disaffected lib dems for a start.

I just think now that this winter will be just the start of the working people the down trodden for years who have to sit by and watch their jobs go, pay cut, conditions worsen come back.

It took Margret tatchers government 6 years for protests like today this coalition government with the tories and lib dems has only taken a matter of months. Just think waht the country will be like in 2 or 3 years time. scarey and very worrying is my assessment.

I think there will be more strikes and the TUC's general strike in late march seems a long way away now but they may bring it forward, i know a lot of trade unionists want it to be brought forward to this side of christmas. Striking should always be a last resort but i think will be one of the ways to bring down this government who seem hell bent on causing the less well off pain and suffering.

It will be interesting to learn which way Ed miliband takes labour now with strikes looming large and people becoming angry. If labour stand in the middle of the road for too long it will look like we are just trying to please all. As we all know you cannot do this in politics and before long you will get found out. So i do hope Ed milibanda nd his shadow cabinet stand on teh side of the people who are being affected by all these cuts.

But i do think today the old britain has awoken and the beast is stirring....

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  1. The fact that the TUC seems to be flexing it's muscles should be a good indicator of where the mood lies. For the last 30 years it's almost disappeared from view, becoming just a research and publishing house.