Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The royal wedding under a dark cloud of gloom

So we learn today that Prince William and his long term girlfriend Kate Middleton are getting married next year. How inappropriate seeing as next year is when the spending cuts will be biting at most. How dare David cameron claim this is a cause for national celebration. Does the man not live in the real world ?
most ordinary working people are living in permenent worry of not knowing if their job is going next year and if they will be a ble to afford their mortgage repayments. They are also finding life tough with child benifit being cut .

So in the face of all this our good old royal family choose next year as their back drop to celebrate by splashing some of our own cash.

Why should tax payers have to pay anything towards their wedding. They are just human beings, just happen to be born into a rich family so waht ?

I dont think people would be half as bothered about this if we werent al feeling the pinch from the spending cuts from the coalition gov.

On another note how dare David cameron even think in the first place it is acceptable to put his own "vanity project" photographer on the public civil service payroll. He has now retracted this move but what gave him the idea in the first place that using public money was a wise idea in this current financial climate ?

sometimes i just think he loves to lord it up in front of us to rub it in what he and his nasty party are doing to the country and the less well off.

All in all this is not good news and the condems idea to bury bad news will not go unoticed by myself and others in opposition to the government.

Lets just hope we get a day off for this anyway

THis blog post will probably get a award for grumpiest of the year but these sorts of things get under my skin

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