Thursday, 18 November 2010

The place of unions in politics

I have been reading with some disapointment at how so many labour members totally dont get the union movement and the way their party was set up in the first place.

Some seem almost to want rid of them entirely. well who would fund the party as its pretty much bankrupt as it is.
It is so easy to join with the tory lead union bashing and say they are irresponsible and strike all the time etc etc.

But when you think waht they actually do and stand for i am so frustrated with peoples attitudes towards the trade unions.
Lets get one thing straight unions dont strike for fun they strike as a last resort and for very good reasons quite often.

I myselfwoud love to join a union and help promote the union movement. I think waht people are getting confused is that back in the 80's there was this perception the unions just used to strike for fun and to disrupt the every day working of this country. This to is simply not true they were standing up for workers rights.

Afterall if there is no union who else will stand up for workers rights ? the employer certainly wont that's for sure.
I just think certain labour members need to remember who got us to where we are today and the labour party was built on the f oundation of a mass workers party movement. A party for the working class and the less well off. Well that is a far cry from todays labour party. Many of its MP's are career polititians and are not in it for representing working trades people.

This is the reason labour has lost its way, it doesnt know who it represents anymore. Is it the working class or the middle class. I'd say more the middle class these days. In which case it cant pretend it is a party of the working class anymore

There are few socialists left in the labour party any there are left are rare. I would like to think i have socialist tendancies and have a left way of thinking but since new labour took over and seems to be carrying on the party has shifted more and more towards the right.

But i am hugely in favour of unions and waht they do to represent workers rights so please lets not forget the good work they do for the party and teh country at large.

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  1. Well said comrade, The Labour Party was founded by the trade union movement and their members, and at great personal sacrifice in a great many cases. The last Labour governments refused to change the law in regard to TU's introduced by the Tories, and we stand and wait to see if Miliband will restore the rights of working people to organise as they did when I was a new member (no longer) of the Labour Party at the age of 18 in 1984. Personally I don't hold out much hope!"

    Keep up the good work on this blog,

    Yours For Socialism,

    Jim of The Socialist Way.